Formed in 2018, with roots in New Mexico, South Korea, and Texas, Capistrano now calls San Antonio, Texas their home. Drawing inspiration from roots reggae, 70s soul & funk, progressive rock, and jazz, Capistrano pushes the boundaries of what defines reggae while always bringing it home to that rub-a-dub roots pulse. Founded by brothers and lifelong musicians Aaron and Alex Cooper, and with the recent addition of Bradley Brock and Pat G, Capistrano is now a powerhouse of creative energy from all angles of the music ethos. Whether you're spending the evening on the dance floor, or just relaxing with your friends and soaking in the harmonic and rhythmic fun, Capistrano brings the right vibes for every occasion.  


As one of 6 bands on local label, Expect Delays Records, Capistrano has shared the stage with prolific acts such as Lion Heights, Chris Boomer, Phil Lerma, Skyler Lutes, So/Below, Prezence, and San Antonio heavy-hitters Saltwater Slide. Capistrano has performed across Texas, from dive bars and coffee shops to venues like House of Rock in Corpus Christi,  Flamingo Cantina in Austin,  Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio, and Scout Bar in Houston. You can catch the boys playing disc golf with many other members of the Expect Delays family, fishing at local creeks, biking, and hanging with their beloved dogs (and cats.) Capistrano is currently working on their debut LP, due late 2021, at RTE Studios in San Antonio, but you can listen to their currently released material on every major streaming platform. Capistrano and the rest of their Expect Delays Records family are on the road around Texas adding a bit more to the Texas summer heat!


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Aaron Cooper

Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Aaron is the driving force behind the band's lyrics and unique vocal sound. He's a lifelong artist with a background in musical theater. Aaron is the brains behind Capistrano's prolific tunes as a talented songwriter and singer. Inspired by the shoegazer greats and guitar tech legends like Jack White, the melodic genius of artists like My Morning Jacket, and the innovators in reggae music like Passafire and John Brown's Body, Aaron brings the "dub" vibe to Capistrano, enforcing heavy use of modulation and reverb/delay in a unique and addicting fashion.

Alex Cooper

Drums/ Percussion

Electrifying drummer with a background in Hardcore and Metal who made his shift to reggae by picking up keys and organ, but found his home once again on drums. Alex is a powerhouse of a songwriter and a great singer who brings more than just rhythm to the table. Inspired by everything from prog rock to hip hop, roots reggae to jazz fusion, and his robust musical palate lends to his skills as a creativity powerhouse and the guy who always finds that missing piece in a song.

Pat G

Hammon Organ/ Keys

Pat G is a keyboard maestro with a passion for vintage instruments and recording. He's an expert on legendary keyboard artists like Jackie Mitto and Herbie Hancock, and is behind the occasional Afro-Funk rhythms and the heavy use of his 1947 Hammond CV Organ and other vintage analog keyboards like a Rhodes Mark I and a Wurlitzer Stage Piano. Pat is the co-founder of Armstrong Analog, a vintage-focused recording studio where they print to tape, capturing the magic of those 70's studio legends and beyond.

Bradley Bryan Brock

bass/ vocals

Bradley is a guitarist turned bassist who has a background in fingerstyle and jazz guitar. He is an eclectic listener who draws inspiration from every corner of the music world, but found a home on reggae bass. Occasionally, Bradley switches roles with Aaron to scratch the guitar itch live, adding yet another layer to the Capistrano sound.